Flash Fiction

The Secret to Your Best Self Cosmonauts Avenue,  Fall 2018

 What You Missed While I Was Watching Your Cat Third Point Press, Summer 2018

 Minor Grievances X–R-A-Y Literary Magazine, Summer 2018

Dress Yourself Split Lip Magazine, Spring 2018

Slow Roll Spelk, Winter 2018

Financial Indigestion Daphne Magazine, Fall 2017

 Pernil The Airgonaut, Fall 2017

Short Fiction

“They Can Leave Your Soul To Dry”  (Forthcoming) Summer 2019

Here’s the Situation jmww, Spring 2018

The Other Half The Acentos Review, Fall 2017

Half Hearted Pithead Chapel, Summer 2017

Not a Problem, Nope, Not a Concern The Vassar Review, Spring 2016


“Food Chain Melody”  Mess Hall, Forthcoming

Barrelhouse Reviews: LILITH, BUT DARK” • Barrelhouse, Fall 2018

Entry in “The Stories Of Our Abuelas” • Refinery29, Fall 2018

After Laughter: Jukebox Happy Hour Hobart, Summer 2017

In Mourning, with Broadway and Carne Guisada Modern Loss, Winter 2017

Interviews, etc.

Split Lip Magazine: “19 Rounds with Christopher Gonzalez”

SmokeLong Quarterly: “Developing a better eye”: An Interview with Guest Reader Christopher Gonzalez

Fear No Lit: Writer Zones: Episode 1 — Christopher Gonzalez