Split Lip Magazineforthcoming

The Airgonautforthcoming

Pithead ChapelHalf Hearted” (Summer 2017)

Funny in Five Hundred: Grow Me Out a Little” (Spring 2017)

Chicago LiteratiNon-Custodial Rites” (Dystopia Issue, Spring 2017)

The Vassar ReviewNot a Problem, Nope, Not a Concern (Trauma & Träume Issue, Spring 2016)

Fifty Word Stories: Mid-Flight” (Spring 2016)

The Vignette ReviewLagging (Issue 2, Fall 2015)

Mash Stories: Family Portrait” (Summer 2014)


Modern LossIn Mourning, with Broadway and Carne Guisada” (Winter 2017)

Sensa NostraThe Art of Getting By (Summer 2013)


HOBARTAfter Laughter: Jukebox Happy Hour

Vakana Mag‘Inventory’: A Book Review

Vakana MagResonating Moments with Camanchaca: A Book Review