Cosmonauts Avenue: “The Secret to Your Best Self” (forthcoming)

jmwwHere’s the Situation” (Spring 2018)

Split Lip MagazineDress Yourself” (Spring 2018)

SpelkSlow Roll” (Winter 2018)

Daphne MagazineFinancial Indigestion” (Fall 2017)

The Acentos ReviewThe Other Half” (Fall 2017)

The AirgonautPernil” (Fall 2017)

Pithead ChapelHalf Hearted” (Summer 2017)

Chicago LiteratiNon-Custodial Rites” (Dystopia Issue, Spring 2017)

The Vassar ReviewNot a Problem, Nope, Not a Concern (Trauma & Träume Issue, Spring 2016)

Fifty Word Stories: Mid-Flight” (Spring 2016)

The Vignette ReviewLagging (Issue 2, Fall 2015)

Mash Stories: “Family Portrait” (Summer 2014)


Mess Hall“Food Chain Melody” (forthcoming, Hometown Issue)

HOBARTAfter Laughter: Jukebox Happy Hour” (Summer 2017)

Modern LossIn Mourning, with Broadway and Carne Guisada” (Winter 2017)

Interviews, etc.

SmokeLong Quarterly: “Developing a better eye”: An Interview with Guest Reader Christopher Gonzalez

Fear No Lit: Writer Zones: Episode 1 — Christopher Gonzalez